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Guideline for activities on the days of the week:

Daily Opening and Closing Times (Mon - Fri)
Opening time: 7:00am
Morning Assembly: 7:30am
Closing time: 3:00pm
School serves meal at 11:00am Monday to Friday.
Snacks, bottle waters and other consumable items are available for sale right here in the school compound.
Daily Prayer
Morning Assembly/Devotion: 7:30am
Angelus: 12:00pm (Mid-Day)
Closing Prayer (Divine Mercy): 2:50pm
School Uniforms and Foot Wears
Monday to Wednesday pupils wear our usual school uniform.
Thursday pupils put on sport wear
Friday pupils go on native popularly tagged Friday Wear.
Only school stockings and school cardigans are acceptable.
Visiting Days/Times
Visiting of the school for enquiry is allowed from Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 2:00pm (only to see administrative staff)
Parents and visitors are not allowed to barge in on teachers or pupils during lesson periods
Hair Style Routine
First week: Clap Together
Second week: Evelyn King
Third week: Shuku and Base
Fourth week: All Back with Base
Fifth week: Thread (Lagos Girl)
We repeat one or more of the above hair styles during the remaining weeks