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Rev. Sr. Gabriella Ugwueke (EHJ)

Welcome to EHJMS Isolo

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School is a Catholic school, owned and managed by the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus sisters and Institute of Women Religious. The school is placed under the protection and shadow of the Eucharistic Jesus, our Lord and Master. The school is located at Number 12, Akinmorin Street Okota, Isolo Lagos; a place with very conducive atmosphere suitable for learning, preparing and building a better career for your wards (our pupils).

We uphold our Catholic faith and values, and at the same time, we welcome all men and women of other religions as Jesus did with mankind. What we are interested in is all about the child and his or her growth physically, morally, intellectually, culturally and spiritually.

We run Nursery and Primary sections. Our Nursery section begins with age two in Pre-nursery to Nursery Two, Pre-primary (Kindergarten) while our primary section begins with age six in Basic One. We have a high expectation of our children and for this reason we set a challenging standard to help them reach their highest potentials

Also, our school is blessed with great and excellent parents. We encourage our parents, as always, to work hand in hand with the school through constant monitoring of their children's class works and giving us feedback often on areas the school is needed to assist, controlling the time they spend watching television and their interaction with social media especially cell phone.

Rev. Sr. Gabriella Ugwueke (EHJ)
(EHJMS Isolo Supervisor)

Our Vision

To foster young boys and girls into competent leaders who will be sound in character, morals and academic standing.

Our Mission

To give qualitative and all round education to young boys and girls so as to develop a service of purpose and awareness of their roles as members of the society.

Our Motto

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam which means "for The Greater Glory of God"


Why Should You Choose EHJMS Isolo

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School, Isolo should be your ultimate choice if the following are your dreams for your ward:

  • ICT-driven teaching/learning environment
  • Children friendly, hygenic learning environment
  • Education permeated with christian attitudes and authentic cultural value
  • Highly qualified teachers to whom teaching is a hobby
  • High morals imparted by Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus institute
  • A family spirit of love and unity transcending all religions
  • Children with polished speaking skills
  • Home away from home; the relation between our teachers and pupils

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Why choose Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School Isolo

General Information

Daily Activities

Guideline for activities on the days of the week:

Daily Opening and Closing Times (Mon - Fri)
Opening time: 7:00am
Morning Assembly: 7:30am
Closing time: 3:00pm
School serves meal at 11:00am Monday to Friday.
Snacks, bottle waters and other consumable items are available for sale right here in the school compound.
Daily Prayer
Morning Assembly/Devotion: 7:30am
Angelus: 12:00pm (Mid-Day)
Closing Prayer (Divine Mercy): 2:50pm
School Uniforms and Foot Wears
Monday to Wednesday pupils wear our usual school uniform.
Thursday pupils put on sport wear
Friday pupils go on native popularly tagged Friday Wear.
Only school stockings and school cardigans are acceptable.

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Termly/Annual Events

For a holistic formation of the child, we strive to develop the physical, moral, intelectual, cultural and spiritual qualities of ourselves and those whom we form. To that end, we organize or participate in the following events termly/annually to ensure our pupils' growth is balanced:

No Event
1 Opening and Closing Mass
2 Open Day
3 Parents' Forum
4 Colour Day
5 Excursion
6 Christmas Party
7 Prize Giving Day

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Our Curriculum

For effective impartation and making of future leaders, our 10-year life-transforming learning process is organized in the following 4 core stages:

This class is for 2-year olds.
At the end of this stage, pupils should be able to identify letters and their sounds, numbers, write A - J, 1 - 10, recite their rhymes and carry out simple instructions such as jumping and dancing.
This stage targets 3 to 4-year olds
At the end of this stage, pupils should be able to write all the letters of the alphabet, 1 - 400, numbers in words, 2 to 6-letter words, construct simple sentences, do simple arithmetics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), tell stories and recite their rhymes.
Pre-Primary (Kindergarden)
This stage targets 5-year olds

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Our Journey So Far

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model School, Isolo (Nursery and Primary school) was founded in Septembr, 2012 by the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Sisters and Institute of Women Religious. We commenced academic work in the same year under the able leadership of our founding supervisor, Rev. Sr. Mary Elizabeth Itopa-Agent (EHJ), with a handful of pupils ranging from Pre-Nursery to Basic 4, and successfully graduated our first batch of students, Ebere Uwakwe, Ebere Uruolor and Chimbuchi Ukoha in September 2015.

Ever since our inception, it has been one giant stride after another in academic, spiritual and moral formation of our pupils; with God on our side and courageous parents, we finally completed and moved from our temporal site, 31 Okeho Str, Ire-Akari, Isolo to our state-of-the-art permanent school building, 12 Akinmorin Str, Okota, Isolo in September, 2019.